Automotive Service Technician (AST)

Third Period Package (30 Modules) Comments

Date: 6/9/2021 8:35:20 AM
Module: 090303c
Version: 21
Page: 4
Comment: There should be an image of a fuel tank that has an expansion area above the filler pipe entry point. In place of the image is just text reading "defaultimage.tif" I can only assume whomever edited this page, made a slight error when leveling a file as a .gif.
Status: Approved for Review

Date: 3/12/2021 8:48:15 AM
Module: 090305i
Version: ip21.0
Page: entire module
Comment: I think the entire module of 305i Vehicle Networks is better suited to be relabeled and moved to the 301 section right after 301e Multiplexing and Networking instead of in 305 under accessories. Most other year modules are structured as how something works and then the following is how to diagnose it. The 305i describes the diagnosis of the 301e modules.
Status: Approved for Review

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