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Second Period Package (39 Modules) Comments

Date: 5/26/2021 7:53:16 AM
Module: 030201b
Version: 21
Page: 16
Comment: In Example 3, it is asking for the instantaneous value of current at 25 degrees. In the equation it uses 'I' instead of 'i' to represent instantaneous current. Page 14 tells us that instantaneous values are represented by lower case letters. The upper case 'I' on page 16 should be a lower case 'i'.
Status: Update in Progress

Date: 5/21/2021 11:52:46 AM
Module: 030202e
Version: 5
Page: 14
Comment: Figure 11 shows a motor current of 25.75A but the question (paragraph above) says the current of the motor at 25.60A The calculation/answer is based off the 25.75 in the figure.
Status: Implemented

Date: 5/21/2021 11:53:48 AM
Module: 030202f
Version: 6
Page: 11
Comment: On page #11 the modules states "A power factor between 85% and 90% is usually considered to be a good power factor. It is not often economically sound to correct the power factor beyond 90% due to the larger size of capacitors required." I feel that this is a misleading statement as at the start of the objective on page #10 it says "Generally, a power factor below 0.9 results in higher charges." Since the supply authority is going to penalize me if my power factor is below 90%, I am going to target my power factor correction to a value above 90% typically 92-93% or so, not 85 to 90%. Can we please consider this change?
Status: Update in Progress

Date: 5/26/2021 7:55:30 AM
Module: 030203g
Comment: In some of the modules and evening course packs I find the black and white pictures can be very hard to see things in. Example. I am working on HVAC rooftop units and the one photo of the compressor it is suppose to show a crankcase heater that is band type and I can't see anything or make anything out. I feel even that the modules could be mostly black and white and at least have colour pictures so we can have a better visual on what we are looking at.
Status: Declined

Date: 5/21/2021 11:51:34 AM
Module: 030204e
Version: 5
Page: 7
Comment: Second paragraph: "Two-wire control uses a maintained contact type of pilot device such as thermostat or float switch." Neither is a maintained type. Please clarify: "can be maintained such as toggle and selector switch or a momentary automatic pilot device such as thermostat or float switch" or something similar. Thanks
Status: Implemented

Date: 5/26/2021 7:56:26 AM
Module: 030205a
Version: 7
Page: 17
Comment: On this page it is caimed that if all conductors of the same size are used the only table you use is 6. However, I think it should say " the only table you need to use is 6". This is because in appendix b for rule 12-910 it claims that an alternative method may always be to actually calculate with tables 9 and 10. The problem is that nowhere in the code book does it say you must use table 6, it simply says it is permitted. In the field, in a rral world situation, you eould always calculate off tables 9 and 10. 6 is simply a shortcut.
Status: Update in Progress

Date: 5/26/2021 7:59:44 AM
Module: 030205d
Version: Version 21.0
Page: 3
Comment: In the middle of page 3 there is a statement indicating "The second subtopic in Section 10 is titled "System and Circuit Grounding". There is no such subsection listed in the index or shown in section 10. This statement should be replaced with a different introduction to the information of this section.
Status: Declined

Date: 5/26/2021 8:46:09 AM
Module: 030205e
Version: 21
Page: 24
Comment: Note Mentioned Rule 4-024 2) b) but there was no such Rule. The rule it was referring to is Rule 4-018 2) b).
Status: Implemented

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