Heavy Equipment Technician (HET)

Third Period Package (35 Modules) Comments

Date: 6/4/2021 11:17:06 AM
Module: 190301g
Version: 12
Page: 30
Comment: The module bouncing around between Open, Closed & Hydrostatic systems is confusing. I understanding building on each system little by little but bouncing around between the 3 system types is confusing for studying and is a waste of time when trying to review information and needing to search different areas of the book because one system is broken up 3 times. the book is layed out open, closed, hydo, open, closed, hydro, open, closed, hydro, test. laying it out open, closed, hydro, test would be much simpler for review and study. A coloured version of figure 25 should be included into module A190301J to eliminate the need to COLOUR THE DIAGRAM if somebody has PURCHASED TO COLOURED GRAPHICS PACKAGE, figure 26 is included in the optional module but 25 is missing, intentional or not this is still frustrating and should be changed.
Status: Update in Progress

Date: 6/4/2021 11:21:16 AM
Module: 190302dB
Version: 1.4
Page: 34
Comment: The answer to # 16 needs to be changed to B, the resistance of a correctly operating CAN network is 60 ohms.
Status: Implemented

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