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Individual Learning Modules

Individual Learning Modules (ILMs) are standardized training materials for instructors and students in apprenticeship trades and technical training courses. These modules are based on Alberta's apprenticeship course outlines and are intended to provide apprentices with standardized learning materials that are current and meet industry standards in Alberta.  ILMs are ordered from this site and then printed and sold at the local training institution for students to purchase.

New: Digital ILM Option

ILMs are now being made available in both a print and a digital format.  For more information on digital ILMs and how to order them, please visit the Digital ILMs page.

Print ILM orders should still be placed on the Order Modules page:  Order Print ILMs

How ILMs are developed

Experienced subject matter experts write the modules based on learning outcomes identified by Industry.  All ILMs meet current industry standards in Alberta and are subjected to a peer-review cycle and are regularly updated. Instructors and students are encouraged to provide feedback on modules.

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