Welder (WEL)

First Period Package (37 Modules) Comments

Date: 12/21/2022 9:20:28 AM
Module: 120103e
Version: 22
Page: 45
Comment: In module 103e pg. 45 - figure 52. I believe this image to be misleading to students. In the CWB 2G with backing plate, the horizontal fillet is pre-qualified from the 1GF. However the image shows a 1 pass root, and it is my understanding that CWB still makes you do a mandatory 2 pass root. The initial horizontal fillet will have no stop start. (unless it is a check test, in this case there will be 2 stop starts.) Then the 2g portion will have a single stop start. I feel like this causes confusion for students as they are being taught one thing in class then are told something else by CWB. The image should be upgraded to reflect the current CWB standard, which is a 2 pass root. This one pass root image is peppered through out all three years. This might be a good time to remedy this inconsistency across all modules.
Status: Approved for Review

Archived Comments

Year: 2022

2/9/2022 1:59:29 PM
Module: 120102h
Version: 22
Page: 14
Comment: Notes on this page contain misprints for the imperial conversions of allowable convexity size and reinforcement size.
Status: Implemented

Year: 2021

5/8/2021 4:26:51 PM
Module: 120103b
Version: 120103bp21.0_updated
Page: 8
Comment: In Figure 4, 'B' is labelled "...27 Joules (J) Tensile Strength" I believe that this should be "...27 Joules (J) Impact Toughness"
Status: Implemented

Year: 2020

6/29/2020 12:30:39 PM
Module: 120101e
Version: 21
Page: 15, 30-31
Comment: The module should reflect some recent changes to the CSAW117.2-19 standard (Welding Safety 2019 ed.). For example there are new specific requirements for footwear, protective clothing, and hot-work. In the area of electrical safety there is a new requirement for the use of Voltage Reduction Devices (VRD's) in certain arc-welding work conditions. A section on the hazards of stray welding current damage and the resulting hazards should be added. See the CWBA WELD magazine (Fall 2019 & Winter 2019) for more details.
Status: Implemented

4/27/2020 10:20:26 AM
Module: 120101h
Version: 9.1
Page: 25
Comment: Looking at the illustration (Figure 17), if the text beside the corresponding thread types could be specifically identified such as: Left-hand Thread(fuel gas hoses) Right-hand Thread (oxygen hoses)
Status: Implemented

2/4/2020 9:28:15 AM
Module: 120103a
Comment: Graphics are missing on pages 5,8,9,10,and 11 of the module . .
Status: Implemented

1/30/2020 8:04:08 AM
Module: 120103a
Version: 21
Page: 5-11
Comment: Multiple graphics and figures are missing from this module.
Status: Implemented

1/22/2020 11:49:07 AM
Module: 120101a
Version: 21
Page: 23
Comment: The year is not 2017, as documentation states. Page 23 - Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee. Comment on the page should read, as per certifying partners which overrule industry standard based on current legislation. Current legislation from Alberta OHS Jan, 31, 2020 ILM outdated Section 203 of the code was repealed in 2016 as per AR 56/2018 s17 Provincial Worksites - ACSA Certifying Partner (dated July 2019 workbook) Joint Health and Safety Meetings are conducted quarterly as a minimum, Meetings are held every four months. Provincial Worksites - MHSA Certifying Partner Joint Health and Safety Meetings are conducted quarterly as a minimum for people without a C.O.R., but monthly as per COR standards. Federal Worksites (2019 legislation) Joint Health and Safety Meetings are conducted 9 times per year. Section 135 (10) Meetings of Committees, Labour Code Comment number two It is impossible to voluntarily establish a joint health and safety committee as per Alberta OHS dated July 1, 2018. Welders are exempt as per quorum requirements. Most welders are sub-contractors and are exempt under employee requirements. You need more than 50% employee involvement, phone Alberta OHS for exemption letter. Also need two people from each department. a manager, sub-contractor, supervisor are considered management Only hourly staff are considered employees.
Status: Declined