Welder (WEL)

First Period Package (37 Modules) Comments

Date: 1/22/2020 12:27:16 PM
Module: 120101a
Version: 21
Page: 23
Comment: The year is not 2017, as documentation states. Page 23 - Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee. Comment on the page should read, as per certifying partners which overrule industry standard based on current legislation. Current legislation from Alberta OHS Jan, 31, 2020 ILM outdated Section 203 of the code was repealed in 2016 as per AR 56/2018 s17 Provincial Worksites - ACSA Certifying Partner (dated July 2019 workbook) Joint Health and Safety Meetings are conducted quarterly as a minimum, Meetings are held every four months. Provincial Worksites - MHSA Certifying Partner Joint Health and Safety Meetings are conducted quarterly as a minimum for people without a C.O.R., but monthly as per COR standards. Federal Worksites (2019 legislation) Joint Health and Safety Meetings are conducted 9 times per year. Section 135 (10) Meetings of Committees, Labour Code Comment number two It is impossible to voluntarily establish a joint health and safety committee as per Alberta OHS dated July 1, 2018. Welders are exempt as per quorum requirements. Most welders are sub-contractors and are exempt under employee requirements. You need more than 50% employee involvement, phone Alberta OHS for exemption letter. Also need two people from each department. a manager, sub-contractor, supervisor are considered management Only hourly staff are considered employees.
Status: Approved