Quality Assurance Meetings & Content Updates

ILMs are updated once per year in May/June during an annual development cycle process.  Module updates may include corrections to errors in previously released versions, changes resulting during the Quality Assurance process and changes resulting from more extensive content updates and development.  Please see the Quality Assurance Meeting section and Module Updates section below for more information.


Quality Assurance Meetings

ILM Quality Assurance (QA) meetings are scheduled once per year for each trade.  The purpose of the QA meeting is to address comments, feedback and recommendations received for module errors, issues and potential changes.  These facilitated meetings involve a collaborative discussion and decision-making process between various trades training providers and subject matter experts.  Results from the QA meetings help to inform future module changes and updates. 

Please see the table below for the list of scheduled QA meetings.  If you have comments or feedback you would like to be addressed during these meetings, please leave a comment for the relevant module on the Comments page (account login required). 

Trade Acronym Meeting Dates Cut-off Date for Comments
Agricultural Equipment Technician AET TBD  
Auto Body Technician ABT TBD  
Automotive Service Technician AST TBD  
Cabinetmaker CAB TBD  
Carpenter CAR TBD  
Cook COO TBD  
Electrician ELE
Gasfitter GAS TBD  
Heavy Equipment Technician HET TBD  
Instrumentation and Control Technician INT
Machinist MAC TBD  
Millwright MIL
Parts Technician PAR
Plumber PLU TBD  
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic RAC TBD  
Sheet Metal Worker SMW TBD  
Steamfitter-Pipefitter SFP TBD  
Welder WEL TBD  

 Module Updates

The following table provides more detailed information on the most recent module updates.  Please open the associated file for each trade to review a specific list of modules and release notes.

Trade New Updates (May/JUNE 2021) release date Previous updates (July 2020)
AIT Common Modules N/A July 6, 2020 AIT Common Module Updates
Agricultural Equipment Technician AET Module Updates June 17, 2021 AET Module Updates
Auto Body Technician ABT Module Updates July 8, 2021 ABT Module Updates
Automotive Service Technician AST Module Updates June 3, 2021 AST Module Updates
Cabinetmaker CAB Module Updates May 18, 2021 CAB Module Updates
Carpenter CAR Module Updates June 14, 2021 CAR Module Updates
Common First Period (Pipe Trades) CFP Module Updates June 11, 2021 N/A
Cook COO Module Updates June 3, 2021 COO Module Updates
Electrician ELE Module Updates June 1, 2021 ELE Module Updates
Gasfitter GAS Module Updates June 11, 2021 GAS Module Updates
Heavy Equipment Technician HET Module Updates June 17, 2021 HET Module Updates
Instrumentation and Control Technician INT Module Updates June 30, 2021 INT Module Updates
Machinist MAC Module Updates May 27, 2021 MAC Module Updates
Millwright MIL Module Updates June 29, 2021 MIL Module Updates
Parts Technician PAR Module Updates June 8, 2021 PAR Module Updates
Plumber PLU Module Updates June 23, 2021 PLU Module Updates
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic RAC Module Updates May 21, 2021 RAC Module Updates
Sheet Metal Worker SMW Module Updates June 7, 2021 SMW Module Updates
Steamfitter-Pipefitter SFP Module Updates June 15, 2021 SFP Module Updates
Welder WEL Module Updates May 21, 2021 WEL Module Updates